Theme park Toverland

Creating moments of happiness

The magic of true passion

Toverland is a family business full of passion and inspiration. Welcoming 700,000 guests per year and a generous 30 attractions and shows on offer, meanwhile we have become a player to be considered in the Benelux and the German border region. In 2019 Toverland exist 18 years.

A sparkling start

A sparkling start

Toverland is an initiative of brother and sister Jean Gelissen and Caroline Kortooms. Together they built this theme park almost by magic. With Jean’s entrepreneurial spirit as the successful owner of the Gelissen Group and Caroline as the director of Toverland, focussing on delivering high quality every day, they make a strong team.

A magical future

Their shared passion has been passed on to their 4 children, who grew up carrying the Toverland-DNA. This ensures a magical future.Toverland’s ambition is to exceed the magical number of 1 million guests by 2020. To achieve this, we will lengthen the duration of stay by expanding the park and opening a four star hotel resort next to it.

The magic of happiness

The magic of happiness

Our corporate vision is ‘Creating moments of happiness’ for both our guests and our staff. Our conviction is that everybody needs a little bit of magic. Catch our breaths and break loose from the daily madness.

Our secret weapon

Our goal is to bring this magic, in a less magical world, back again. By surprising our guests, exceed their expectations and immerse them in our magical world. A world full of attractions, play equipment, shows, unique corporate parties, good food and drink, beautiful nature, detailed themes and most of all….with the help of our secret weapon: our staff!

Caroline Kortooms - Director

Happy staff members ensure happy guests

The true Toverlanders

The real magic of Toverland is the passion and the ownership of our staff members. They are the ones who create those moments of happiness for our guests. By really seeing them, overwhelming them with hospitality and exceeding their expectations. Hereby we believe in geese-like leadership: geese fly in V-formation. The head goose determines the course and the ones that fly behind are also capable of temporarily leading the group and maintain course.
So we Toverlanders are like the geese, we are doing this together.

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