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In 2020 we made a few changes to our types of annual passes. This may affect those who own a children’s and/or a senior citizens pass. We also added an annual pass for wheelchair users.
We answer your questions about: 

  • New types of tickets 
  • Extension children’s pass 
  • Amendment senior citizens pass 
  • Annual pass wheelchair users

Frequently asked questions: new types of tickets

How are these new tickets going to affect my annual pass? 
As a pass holder, these new tickets aren’t going to change things for you. The price of annual passes remain the same and your pass is valid on every day that Toverland is open, also during special events like the Midsummer Evenings and Halloween Nights.



Frequently asked questions: Extension children’s pass

What’s going to change for a children’s pass? 
We have extended the maximum height that’s required to buy a children’s ticket and the associated children’s pass. A children’s pass used to be for children who had a height of 90 cm up to 120 cm, but from the start of the Pre-season on 22 February we are going to extend this height to 140 cm. It is currently possible that a child has an adult pass (because he/she is taller than 120 cm), but should have a children’s pass according to our new rules. In this case you will receive compensation.

When do I qualify for compensation? 
You qualify for compensation if your child currently has a height of 120 cm to 139 cm and is in the possession of a valid Toverland pass for 2020. Please visit our Guest Service to claim your compensation. By looking at the expiry date of your annual pass, we determine how much compensation you will receive. The date of your visit to our Guest Service will have no effect on the height of your compensation, as long as your visit falls within the validity of your pass or before your child reaches a height of 140cm or taller (the height for which you need an adult pass). Each child is measured at our Guest Service and measurements always take place with the shoes on

How much compensation will I receive? 
The amount of compensation depends on the expiry date of your children’s pass, as shown by the table below. If you have any questions regarding the validity of your annual pass, please contact us. You’ll receive your compensation in the form of a gift voucher. This voucher allows you to pay at any location within Toverland. 

See also the terms below the table. 

  • How much compensation will I receive?

    This table shows you how much compensation the extension of our children’s pass will entail, depending on the expiry date of your pass.

  • How am I going to receive this compensation?

    Compensation will be received in the form of a gift voucher. This voucher can be used for food, drinks, souvenirs and tickets.

  • End date annual pass + compensation:
  • 14 Jan until 13 Feb 2020€ 2.50
  • 14 Feb until 13 March 2020€ 5.00
  • 14 March until 13 Apr 2020

    € 7.50

  • 14 Apr until 13 May 2020€ 10.00
  • 14 May until 13 June 2020€ 12.50
  • 14 June until 13 July 2020€ 15.00
  • 14 July until 13 Aug 2020€ 17.50
  • 14 Aug until 13 Sept 2020€ 20.00
  • 14 Sept until 13 Oct 2020€ 22.50
  • 14 Oct until 13 Nov 2020€ 25.00
  • 14 Nov until 13 Dec 2020€ 27.50
  • 14 Dec until 13 Jan 2021€ 30.00

Terms of compensation scheme extension children’s pass 

  • Compensation only takes place at Toverland’s Guest Service (located at main entrance).
  • The child who owns the pass has to be present at the moment of compensation and must be smaller than 140cm in order to receive this compensation.
  • Each child is measured at our Guest Service. Measuring a child’s height includes the shoes, so they must be kept on.
  • The old pass must be exchanged for a new one.
  • You lose the right to compensation once the annual pass has expired.
  • Compensation takes place in the form of a gift voucher (to be used at the park). No cash is paid out.
  • In case the child reaches a height of 140 cm before the pass expires, a surcharge of €2.50 per month must be paid for the remaining months.

Frequently asked questions: amendment senior citizens pass (55+)

What’s going to change for a senior citizen’s pass? 
For the new season of 2020 we have changed the minimum age for a senior citizen’s ticket from 55 to 60 years. This means that you can use a senior citizen’s pass once you’ve reached the age of 60.

What does this mean for your current 55+ pass?
Are you currently between 55 and 59 years of age and in the possession of a senior citizen’s pass, then you can use this pass as normal until it expires. There’s no need to pay extra charges. But if you subsequently want to renew your pass, and haven’t reached the age of 60, you have to buy a regular adult pass.

Frequently asked questions: annual pass for wheelchair users

When will there be an annual pass for wheelchair users? 
From 22 February, at the start of the Pre-season, we shall introduce a ticket with a reduced price for users of wheelchairs. From that moment onwards it is possible to buy an annual pass for wheelchair users. The reduced price will be € 50.- for a whole year (a regular annual pass costs € 105.- per year). It is possible to upgrade this pass with a parking pass, with which you have unlimited parking throughout the year for €40.-. 

Why have you stopped allowing wheelchair users to enter the park for free? 
For the past number of years it was possible for wheelchairs users to visit Toverland for free. We’ve always offered tickets at reduced prices to disabled persons or persons with mobility problems. But also wheelchair users can enjoy all of our attractions thanks to a number of adjustments and special entrances. In many cases our attractions are entered via the exit and a lift is also present. It is thanks to these facilities that wheelchair users can also experience a magical day at Toverland. Read more about the accessibility of our attractions for wheelchair users and disabled persons. 

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